PVC Wire

Type-B PVC Insulated Wire
Type-BN PVC Insulated Wire, Polyamide Jacket
Type-C PVC Insulated Wire
Type-D PVC Insulated Wire
Type-LW PVC Insulated Wire
Type-MW PVC Insulated Wire
Type-HW PVC Insulated Wire
PVC Wire Styles 1015, 1028, & 1283, MTW, CSA TEW
PVC Insulated Wire Styles 1061 (CSA SR-PVC) & 1624
Hookup Wire Style 1007/1569, CSA TR-64 Wire
Insulated Wire Styles 1429, 1430, & 1431; CSA (XLPVC)
JAG-Flex(TM) Flexible Hook-Up Wire
GPT Primary Wire
GPT Wire

PVC wire is able to meet the demands of various industries through its versatility. At Jaguar Industries, we provide standard PVC insulated wire, as well as specialized flexible wire for applications where movement is encountered.

PVC insulated copper wire is an excellent choice for general use. It is often employed in telecommunication systems, toys, sports equipment, and general wiring for electrical engineering, and meets stringent demands in terms of high and ultra-high flexibility. This PVC insulated hook-up wire can be used within enclosed electronic equipment. Additional applications include control panels, meters, computers, business machines, and appliances where point to point wiring is required.

Our products have either a tinned copper conductor insulated with extruded PVC, or a stranded silver-coated conductor insulated with PTFE. Despite being a small wire type, PVC wire is flame, ozone, acid, alkali, oil, and mold resistant, as well as inert to most chemicals and solvents.

Special features of Jaguar Industries PVC hook-up wire include uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.

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